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It is a very sad thing that some feel they must hurt and lie about others. Many people, including me, have found themselves the victim of this person. Our lives should be to help and build up our fellow mankind.

He has made spoofed post to my Yahoo Group, used my name to make false post and e-mails, stolen my e-mails, used 10 or more false names to make post about me and stolen my pictures to use on his blog. He is expert at twisting words, making them slander and lies. I do believe what goes around comes around. He has a lot. Now I see he is pretending to be a woman on Topics Forum and posting responses to himself under another of his fake names. Evan has made many false statements using his internet tricks. Doing this he has drawn much negative attention to himself. Check some of the links below:







I have no idea what happened with Evan when he lived here. He married a Filipino and has children with her.  Whatever happened, it left him very bitter toward Expats that live. I have never met him. Most all the people on his blog he has never met and would not know if he passed on the street. Wouldn’t it be a good thing if Evan spent as much time helping and building people up. Maybe you believe this too. “What goes around, comes around”.

View Evan Iliadis, the greatest Hate Mailer of all time.

From Christopher Bennetts

Evan Iliadis started his internet stalking activities long before he added me to his list of victims and there have been many more since me.

The site evaniliadis.info provides a profile of a sad and biter 60 year old that recognizes his life has been one big failure and with no real friends this lonely sociopath has turned to the internet to try to give his life some purpose. 

The only release from his pathetic and meaningless existence for this sexually impotent and frustrated sociopath is the fantasy that he is on a mission to clean up the expat community of the Philippines.  The reality is he just wants to project his own misery and suffering on others.  He will be in denial as he reads this but deep down he will know it’s the truth…

Profile of Evan Iliadis (based on information submitted to evaniliadis.info)

>> Fraudulent Business Activities
>>Misappropriated Rotary Funds meant to feed hungry children
>>Engaged in sexual abuse of underage boys on Bohol Island
>>Suffers from Delusions of Grandeur
>>Hepatitis C (passed on to his two boys)
>>On medication that is known to cause Psychiatric Symptoms
>>Homosexual tendances
>>Sexually Impotent

More by Chris Bennetts, go here:



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The Right Filipino Partner
This is THE most often discussed and talked about topic when it comes to moving\retiring in the Philippines. I was naive or better put ignorant about this when I came. Let me put it bluntly this way. Not all, but many Filipino girls are fishing. They are at the lake with their line in the water trying to catch the “golden” fish. Catching the golden fish is a life changer. Not only for the Filipino girl but in most cases her family too. A big life changer. The games and the scams are many. Being a foreigner here is like having a tattoo on your forehead, “I’m rich, take advantage of me”.
Here is my experience. Early on I met a girl on the net that lived 90km away from Cagayan de oro. She was poor, had 6 brothers and sisters and a mother and father, all very poor people. She was beautiful and sexy, using that to change her life and that of her family. I can not really blame her, she was using what she had to better herself and family. She was fishing and landed a golden fish. I learned later that she worked all day in the local market earning 50-100 pesos and then spending the evening at the Internet fishing. I wanted to meet and marry a Filipino girl. After spending 150,000p for animals, tuition and help for her family, time drew near for us to leave to for the USA. Then her father wanted 5,000p sent to him a month. She asked that I pay a 30,000p debt of her father. Finally, she ask if she could have her work when we went to the States. I asked why, there was no need. She told me it was to support her family. That is when it finally came to me, marrying her would be like marrying the whole family. She could not leave them poor and I could not blame her, it just would not work.
Reading about someone who was scammed and had to move back to their home Country is sad. Don’t let it happen to you.
There are many signs to watch for. Asking for money or needing money is a big one. There are others. Get on some Groups or Forums and ask questions. The more you know and learn, the better your life will be here. Feel free to e-mail me at hughes3864@yahoo.com
Best wishes
Brad Hughes
Cagayan de oro

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